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Mammoth Gravel Classic – April 28, 2018  ***NEW DATE***

Come join Cyclova XC for our 6th annual Mammoth Gravel Classic ride!

Event/Distance Options

35 Mile Ride

70 Mile Ride

100 Mile Ride


Registration/Check-in starts at 7:00 am inside Cyclova XC

This is a free, unsupported ride.

You will NOT need a State Trail Pass for 2018 as we have modified the course to avoid the Gandy Dancer Trail, due to late season snow conditions and the risk of the Gandy Dancer not being ridable on the day of event, April 28th.

However, you are more than welcome to still support the State Trail System by purchasing a pass and those can be purchased thru Cyclova.

Schedule of Events - NEW RIDE START TIME

7:00am - Cyclova will open early for riders to check-in and sign the ride waiver or purchase any last minute nutrition, tools, gear, etc...
8:30am - All rides (100 mile, 35 mile & 70 mile) will all leave together from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls, 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.

Course Info

35 Mile Course - NEW!!!

Because this year's 35 miler is hillier and more challenging (aka FUN) than the Gandy Dancer ride in the past, we're still calling it a 35 miler even though technically this route is 3.6 miles shy of 35.  It will still feel like 35!  Starting at CyclovaXC, riders will head north following the St. Croix River and the River Road for the majority of the ride. From River Road you will pass by (or take a break at) the Wolf Creek Bar and then the old Methodist Church, before turning left on Sunny Acres Lane.  Another left will bring you to your first gravel segment (247th Ave) that you will take you all the way to 290th St. before heading east on 250th Ave.

For your trip back to St. Croix Falls there will another gravel segment you'll hit at 256th Street. But to get there you'll be taking 250th Ave to 260th Street and then a left on 210th Ave for 0.4 miles before turning right.  Then it's down to Otter Slide and a nice descent down to the River Road... make sure your brakes are working well!  A left on River Road and you'll head back to your starting point, for more celebration! Total distance: 31.4miles.

GPX File - 2018 Mammoth Gravel 35 Mile Route - GPX File

Cue Sheet - 2018 Mammoth Gravel 35 - Cue Sheet

mammoth gravel

70 Mile Course - NEW!!!

This will utilize the same challenging route as in the past all the way to the northern most point (County Road O) but then from there we've found some more awesome gravel for you to explore, making this new route closer to 75 miles (hey,  you can do it!). All added together you will be experiencing 9 new miles of gravel and some new pavement too than previous years, while doing without the 18 miles of crushed limestone.

GPX File - 2018 Mammoth Gravel 70 GPX File

Cue Sheet - 2018 Mammoth Gravel 70 - Cue Sheet

mammoth gravel

100 Mile Course - NEW!!!

This will follow the route of the original 100 mile Mammoth Gravel Classic through the furthest northern section of gravel (Main Dike Road).  But once you get to East Refuge Road you are on a whole new set of roads -- county, township and some new awesome gravel sections, including Mountain Drive. (Affectionately known as Iver's Mountain, and as the name would imply, yes, it's a bit of a climb, all 3.5 miles of it!).

If you are really a fast rider and out to prove it, it's possible that some of the folks you begin to pass on Iver's big hill will be 70 milers you last saw back in the Sterling Forest.  But don't be in such a rush that you don't stop at the Cafe Wren in Luck and get some fortifications.  They are open for service until 5 PM and will be expecting lots of riders that day!  From there you get all the same great gravel as the 70 milers (see above) including Rustic Road on 160th Ave and the three other new gravel road segments

Besides Cafe Wren you'll also be going by establishments in the Village of Grantsburg (but please note, the Wake Up Call Cafe is no longer in business) as well as the ever popular Burnett Dairy Alpha Store that serves their own ice cream on  Hwy 70.  Total distance 100.5 miles.

GPX File - 2018 Mammoth Gravel 100 GPX File

Cue Sheet - 2018 Mammoth Gravel 100 - Cue Sheet

mammoth gravel


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Steve Clark - Contact our ride coordinator with any questions

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