The Cyclova Monthly – October 2018

October 2018 – Issue 5

Welcome to the "The Cyclova Monthly"

The goal of this newsletter is to keep you up to date with everything Cyclova, whether that be new products or sales in the shop, product updates and upcoming events.

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Shop and Other News

New Product Arrivals

Dual Sport+ (Pedal-Assist Ebike)

We are excited that our first Trek Ebike has arrived... the Dual Sport+ (Pedal-Assist Ebike). Dual Sport+ is a go-anywhere electric bike that helps you get outside, stay active, and have fun. A powerful, reliable Bosch drive system that helps you sustain speeds up to 20 mph, front suspension, integrated lighting, and an extraordinary amount of capability make it the perfect e-bike for anyone who wants to explore more than one kind of terrain. Stop by and check it out!

More Ebikes are on order and will be arriving soon.


Pre-Orders for CycleOps Trainers

Cyclova is currently taking Pre-orders for CycleOps Trainers. We have ordered several trainers. Be sure to reserve yours today (online or in-store) to ensure you are able to get one of them.

Also...coming soon to the store.... CycleOps Smart Trainer Demo Center! We are very excited for this new addition to the shop. We should have this set up in the next couple of weeks along with a fresh stock of Smart Trainers and Fluid Trainers.


Fall and Winter Gear Arrives

Cooler temps are setting in and our Fall/Winter Gear is starting to arrive. Gloves, Boots, Apparel, Hats, and more on the way!





GU Special Edition Gels are in-stock

GU invited student-athletes into the kitchen to help create their newest Energy Gel flavor. GU is also giving 10% of all sales to NICA.

These are now available at Cyclova.

Bike Jackets in-stock

As the weather starts to get cooler, have you thought about how to protect your bike from winter road crud? Bike Jacket has you covered!

Snow, salt, dust, and water are bad for your bike. Protect your bike like you protect yourself: with a jacket. Bike Jacket keeps your investment safe from the elements when it’s on your bike rack traveling down the road.

Handcrafted in the USA with durable, cold-hardy materials, Bike Jacket zips securely onto your bike, protecting key components. It’s easy to use and durable­ – fitting both tray and hanging style rack. Another great thing about Bike Jacket - it's a local business.

Bike Jackets are sold at Cyclova and are now in-stock.

Store Closeouts

Check out our Store Closeouts page.... 2018 and older bike models are on sale up to $800 off!


New Store Hours

Just a reminder...Cyclova is now in our Fall/Winter hours.

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday's 10am open is the only change

Trek World

Cyclova Owners Jim Kelley and Steve Hamlin were in Madison, WI last week at Trek World where they met with Trek employees, other Trek dealers, learned about new products, and placed pre-orders on new CycleOps trainers and more Trek bikes. Look for exciting things happening at Cyclova in 2019! Both had a chance to meet Trek President, John Burke.

Jim Retirement

Have you noticed Jim in the store more often lately? After 26 years working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jim has retired and you will see him around Cyclova more. Jim is eager for the snow to arrive and has been working hard behind the scenes with our ski vendors to prepare for our Ski Season and has been enrolled in several Trek Training classes.

Come by and chat with Jim about skis, bikes, running, roller skis or everything in between. Read more about Jim on our bio page on our website.

Get Ready for Roller Ski Season!

“Ski champions are made in the off-season” is an often-used quote by coaches to characterize the annual ski training cycle. It’s now fall and the 2018 Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival is in the books. Snow may still be a distant mirage for a couple of months, but on American Birkebeiner time, cowbells are ringing in the woods and hills.

You don’t have to be a xc ski racer to use October and November to get ready for a fun ski season. CyclovaXC has made a commitment to providing any level of skier with the training tools they need to make the best use of the fall. If running is your favorite fall training activity we have a great selection of Altra road and trail running shoes to fit your needs. But if you want to make the most efficient use of your time, roller skis are the most ski-specific tool that you can use to get ready for snow.

This year CyclovaXC has partnered with Swenor and One Way brands to provide a nice spectrum of skate and classic rollerskis. Swenor has a great skate rollerski in the Skate Elite model which is made of wood and fiberglass to provide an awesome snow-like feel. The classic Fiberglass model (also made of wood and fiberglass) has excellent vibration dampening and is a best seller for Swenor. Finally, we have the Allutech Junior model that is a great economical combi (skate and classic) rollerski for juniors. Before we even advertised the availability of our Swenor roller skis we sold out of them and we just received a new shipment just in time for fall.

For the One Way brand, we have the Skate 7 which is at a great price point with aluminum frame construction. For classic roller skis we have the Classic 7 for skiers up to 200 pounds and the Classic 9 which is similar to the 7, but can accommodate skiers up to 220 lbs. There is limited availability of the One Way roller skis so come on in soon to grab a pair. We also have a wide range of roller ski ferrules for your pole tips so that you don’t damage your snow baskets while training on the roads.

And....if you’re in need of a new pair of ski boots to use with your roller skis you’re in luck because we’ve just received our winter shipment of Madshus ski boots. Our Madshus boot models range from the economical CT100 to the Hyper S and C, to the Hyper RPS and RPC, and tops out at the Nano Carbon and Super Nano boots. Fitted with our NNN bindings (Salomon Prolink or Rottefella Xcelerator 2.0) your roller skis and boots provide an awesome training tool to get you ready for winter.

Help Wanted

Cyclova is planning to hire part-time and full-time sales and service positions. Must have high level of customer service, available to work flexible schedule including weekends, previous bike assemble and repair experience required for service positions. Send resume and cover letter to: CyclovaXC P.O. Box 187 St. Croix Falls, WI 54024 or


Upcoming Cyclova Events

TeamGregg coming to CyclovaXC on November 3rd!

Team Gregg comprised of husband and wife team Brian and Caitlin, is coming to CyclovaXC on Saturday, November 3 to share their Olympic and World Championship experiences with us. Caitlin is a 5-time winner of the American Birkebeiner, a former Olympian, and was the bronze medalist in the 10km event at the 2015 World Championships. Brian is a former Olympian as well and was on the podium at the 2012 Birkie.

Caitlin and Brian are also sponsored by Madshus ski company and they will help us introduce our new line of Madshus skis for the shop this winter. We will have a ton of new ski, boot and pole inventory for the 2018-19 season so join us to welcome Team Gregg and learn how we can help you with your skiing needs for the upcoming season. We are still finalizing the details for the day but we tentatively will be starting the event at 3 PM. We will be posting more details as the event approaches. THINK SNOW !!!!!

Stay tuned to our Facebook event for latest info on TeamGregg event.

Solstice Chase Fatbike Race

Final details are being put together for Solstice Chase.... stay tuned for registration opening soon! Follow the Solstice Chase Facebook Event to be the first to hear updates and details.

solstice chase

Other Local Events

Baker's Orchard Cyclocross Race

Race Info: Baker's Orchard Blogspot

Woolly Day 2018

Sunday October 7th, weather permitting is the day to celebrate the Woolly trails. Head over to their Facebook event to keep up to date with any last minute news on the weather.

Woolly Day Event

Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon - October 13th

A great event showcasing the Gandy Dancer trail out of Luck WI.  Directed by Eric Olson (found tackling the Birkie Trail 100k elsewhere in this newsletter), this is a fall classic in the area. Check out the 5k, half marathon, or the full marathon.

Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon

Beat The Dark Ride - November 4th

A long standing St. Croix Valley group ride known as, "Beat The Dark" brings cyclists together to ride the Gandy Dancer trail from St. Croix Falls to the bridge just north of Danbury and back. The idea is to make it back before dark as November 4th is the day the clocks have "fallen back". So sunrise is just before 7am when the group will depart and you make it back before 4:53pm... You have "Beat The Dark".

While not an official event hosted by anyone, you can most assuredly find a group of rider of all abilities gathering at the Polk County Information Center just before 7am on the 4th, breaking out into smaller groups of various riding abilities to enjoy a day of riding. Some will ride the whole way, or maybe just to Café Wren in Luck and back. It's up to you.


2020 World Cup coming to Minneapolis!

We are excited to hear that the Cross Country Ski world cup is coming to Minneapolis in 2020! What a great chance to watch and be part of this exciting event coming to our area. Olympic Gold Medalist (and MN native), Jessie Diggins shared the news last week, check our her video.



Cyclova Facebook Group

If you're looking to pull a group of folks together to head out for an event or just pull some people together for a local group activity, feel free to use the Cyclova XC Facebook Group page to do so.

Cyclova In Action

In Yan Teopa

Thanks to Greg Atkinson for sending us a report from the In Yan Teopa trail race near Red Wing MN.

After the DaMN I kept it pretty lowkey and had to focus back on running and "learning" to run again after becoming an endurance cyclist lol. I started by building back in to running and the first event back was the In Yan Teopa 10 mile trail race at Frontenac state park just a little south of Redwing MN. The drive down there was early and as the sun came up as I got closer I started to realize that most houses had a little frost on the roof tops, as well as major hills, take that back mountains building in the landscape. Actually it was pretty neat landscape and makes me want to go back and explore. Got to the park and it was looking very hilly, nothing haven't seen before but also didn't know really what to expect not being there before.

When I first signed up I was the top ranked runner based off ultra signup and was like pretty stoked,  and thought hey I gotta go out and win this, or at least had a good shot at it. But as the closing weeks came more people signed up and I think my rank was 5th or so by race day. So I went in just to run trail and have fun, and obviously race but knew there was tough guys out there.

Start was around 39° and I went out 15 minutes before and did a nice little warm up, came start time ditched the warm clothes and dropped to shorts and singlet,  went out fairly easy and within the first mile made my way to 3rd place, first and second were a good half mile or so ahead and I would catch glimpse but didn't worry about them I just paced myself and ran my race, by mile 4 or 5 there was a major long uphill that was very taxing but I could see I was pulling closer to the 2nd place guy,  also noticed he was no longer running with 1st place guy.

Over the next couple miles I slowly closed the gap. By maybe mile 6 or 7 we hit some super nice flowing single track along the Mississippi river and I closed the gap and followed pace. He offered to let me by but I declined and stayed the course until we hit a sharp turn into switchbacks and he pulled over and told me to get it. I went into it and wow was it an up hill. Heart rate was pegged and I kept stumbling and almost fell over a few times..... probably due to maxed out heart rate issues, but then just kept pushing thinking he was gonna catch up because I was dying. I made it to the top after a bit and was told about a mile left by the race director at the top. Then it was awesome flowing single track again and I stretched out the legs and felt great. Finished 2nd about 1:49 behind the leader and put 1:31 or something like that between 3rd place and I.

Great race, low key and simple but good fun and awesome trails. Got a huge hot cocoa mug.... since I don't drink coffee and the place trophies were awesome, different, and included honey!

More Cyclova Sightings

Seems like a whole lot people were out pushing their limits in September or just having a good time! Here's just a few of those moments.

Flambeau Gravel Grinder

Flambeau Gravel Grinder rolled out of Ladysmith WI in early September.


Superior 100 Fall Trail Race

Ultra endurance trail race in Minnesota.

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival in Hayward, Wisconsin.



Marji Gesick 100

Marji Gesick 100 in Marquette, Michigan.


Birkie Trail Run

In his return to competition, Steve Clark took home a second place finish in his age group!

Special Shout Out...

Big shout out and congrats to Brian Kutz for conquering the Bear 100 out west with 20,000+ feet of elevation gain over 100 miles!

More Kids On Bikes With NICA

The kids on the local NICA team have been busy the last month. They had two high school league races, one at Lake Rebecca in the western metro, and another hot and steam day down at Gamehaven Scout Reservation in Rochester.

The team has also kicked off a trail building project. Working with the Chisago County Parks department, the team has started construction of some single track trails at Ki Chi Saga park in Lindstrom.


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