The Cyclova Monthly – September 2018

September 2018 – Issue 4

Welcome to the "The Cyclova Monthly"

The goal of this newsletter is to keep you up to date with everything Cyclova, whether that be new products or sales in the shop, upcoming events, past events and cool stuff that the Cyclova team and community has been up to.

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Shop and Other News

Solstice Chase Fatbike Race

Big news and you'll be the first to hear about it right here! Solstice Chase will be back out to Big Rock Creek this year!!! We're excited about getting this worked out as these trails allow for plenty of passing and a longer race. We're excited to work with the folks out to Big Rock Creek as they have some exciting plans. Regardless, you won’t want to miss the 5th annual Solstice Chase.  Follow the event on Facebook to stay up to date as we'll be announcing this out on the event page soon after this newsletters posts. Registration and other venue details will follow over the next 2 weeks with a short early bird registration window. Stay tuned...!


Closeouts and Special Sale Items


We still have some 2018 and a couple older model year bikes around, that we're putting on closeout with as much as 20% off. Here's a quick list, but stop by and check them out.

ProCaliber 6

ProCaliber 6 WSD

Top Fuel 8

Fuel EX 5

Roscoe 8

Roscoe 8 WSD

1120 Adventure Bike

920 Touring Bike

Marlin 6


Cycling Shoes - All in-stock shoes are 20% off, even current models to make room for new winter riding footwear.

Altra Running Shoes - We still have some of the sale Altra Escalante and Lone Peak 3.5 shoes in stock for both Men's and Women's models. These are being replaced by the Escalante 1.5 and Lone Peak 4.0 as we sell out of the sale models.

Here is a link to all our in-store closeout and sale items as we do have some other bike models on sale as well: Closeouts

New Product Arrivals...

2019 Trek Carbon Bikes In Stock

Trek is rolling out the 2019 bikes and Cyclova was able to get our hands on some of the first 2019 models! Some of these are already out on the floor with more models shipping in soon. Stop by to check out the Emonda SL6, Checkpoint SL6, ProCaliber 9.6 and Top Fuel 9.8.

Checkpoint SL 6 56 BK
Procaliber 9.6 17.5 29 BK
Top Fuel 9.8 SL 19.5 29 SK

2019 Trek Fatbikes

Our 2019 Trek Farley Fatbikes have started arriving with more on the way. You should check out the Farley 7 with the Manitou Mastidon suspension fork on the front. Stock will be limited on Farleys again this fall, expecially if you are interested in the Carbon models, so don't wait too long. We have a couple Farley 9.6 carbon models coming in and can still order the 9.8 models for the time being.

Farley 7 17.5

New Bontrager Lights

With daylight starting to slip away over the next month, we recommend checking out the Bontrager lights. Steve will usually commute home from the shop after dark at least once a week and uses the Bontrager Ion 800 lights. Bontrager just released the Ion Pro at 1300 lumens at the same price as the previous 800 lumen light and we have them in stock. There is also a new Flare RT light coming soon, which will replace the existing Flare R and Flare RT at the same pricepoint. It lasts longer, charges faster and can be seen up to 2 km. Steve has been using the existing one for any type of road riding, including his late night commutes home.


Trek E-Bikes

We are now officially a dealer of the full Trek E-Bike line and have the 2019 Verve + and Dual Sport models in both men's and women's models on the way and have access to order all of the Trek E-Bike models. We'll keep you posted as these arrive. The 2019 Dual Sport + bikes should be in store over the next month, even though they haven't been released on the Trek site yet. Here are some pics of the Verve + bikes we have on order.


New Altra Shoes

We've had our Escalante and Lone Peak 3.5 shoes on sale to make room for the new Escalante 1.5 and Lone Peak 4.0. We now have some of these new models starting to come in to backfill the sold out sizes. Stop by and check out the new shoe models and colors.

Superior 3.5 Women
Lone Peak 4 Womens

Online Ordering with FREE Ship to Store

We trialed some online ordering of Saris bike racks over the weekend during the Saris sale and it was successful! We'll be loading some new items to the website for online ordering with FREE ship to store for in-store pick up soon. Look out for the full line of Garmin fitness products, Kuat Bike Racks and CycleOps indoor trainers first up on the list.

Riegel Mammoth Disc Golf Course Opens

Opening in late August, the Riegel Mammoth Disc Golf Course brings another way for you to get out and enjoy the local area. This new disc golf course meanders amongst the fields and woods of Riegel Park and is right next to the paved Interlink Trail, Ice Age Hiking Trail, and Woolly Bike Trails. Swing by Cyclova to borrow a set of discs and head up the hill to go play as we have loaners on hand, thanks to the Riegel Mammoth Disc Golf Course.


Upcoming September Events

Here have a handful of events coming up in the next month that Cyclova is either a significant part of or where we expect you’ll find some folks wearing Cyclova gear.

Group Runs (Sasquatch Dash)

The final two group runs of the season are this month. Come on out Saturday September 8th for the run.  Then Sunday September 23rd is the grand finale.


sasquatch dash

Birkie Trail Run

Hosted on the very same trails that will host the Birkie ski race in February, the Birkie Trail Run Festival hosts a variety of races from a 5k to a 100k. With camping on site, live music, bonfires and more this is an extremely fun event.

Chequamagon 40

Sticking to the Hayward area, the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival is another huge event in the north woods of Wisconsin. Something north of 3000 mountain bikers descend on the Hayward and Cable area to race mountain bikes from Hayward to Cable along the Birkie trail and adjacent roads and trails.


Marji Gesick 100

Straying further north and east, you will find another group of riders and runners taking on another enormous task at the Marji Gesick in Marquette County Michigan. If the hype is to be believed, this is the hardest one day race in North America. The DNF rate of over 60% last year certainly does give that some credit.

Cyclova Facebook Group

If you're looking to pull a group of folks together to head out for an event or just pull some people together for a local group activity, feel free to use the Cyclova XC Facebook Group page to do so.

Past Event Highlights

NICA Season Kicks Off

Cyclova, Trek and Bontrager are proud to partner with NICA to get #morekidsonbikes. The Chisago Lakes Mountain Bike Team kicked off their season in Austin Minnesota. If you have a son or daughter in sixth to twelfth grade and are interested in getting them involved get in touch or reach out to the team. This is a composite team from the surrounding area and it isn’t too late to get involved yet this season.

Marquette Trail 50

Shop employee Starr took her second crack at the Marquette Trail 50 miler and Ben signed up for the 50k back during ski season when running sounded like a good idea with plenty of time to train. In a tail of two very different approaches, Starr trained incredibly hard and knocked her 50 miler out of the park. Ben decided to ride bike mostly and leveraged aerobic fitness to muscle through a respectable finish of the 50k followed by a week of agony.

Day Across MN

In a wonderful example of peer pressure, Steve and Greg somehow talked each other into signing up for the DAMn which is a one day gravel event that crosses the entire state of Minnesota. Starting at midnight in Gary South Dakota, and after navigating 240 miles by cue sheets, in less than 24 hours you arrive in Hager City Wisconsin. With their buddy Brian to crew them through the event (with his own cue sheets and everything to navigate to the check points), these guys crushed 240 miles of gravel to become DAMn finishers.


#crossiscoming is so a few weeks ago.  #crossishere is more accurate. Steve and Ben have been hitting up the Wednesday night cyclocross races and Steve's son Reid even took a crack at the newbie race this past Wednesday. The gang will be back out this Wednesday as well. In just a few weeks there will also be weekend cyclocross racing. The Wednesday night races are a lot of fun and are a great place to get your start in cyclocross racing with newbie friendly categories and no licensing requirements. Bring a mountain bike, gravel bike, or cyclocross bike, $20 and join the fun.



Last Month’s Newsletter

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